Pre- Primary


We aim to provide our students, the confidence in their academic success, developing socially, physically and psychologically, with a happy and engaging learning environment that is structured, collaborative and purposeful.

Students are taught by subject specialists. Each teacher is specifically trained to teach their subject, and we have a good mixture of local teachers and expatriate staff. Our classrooms are dynamic spaces where students will work in groups, pairs and individually. They will be encouraged to show their learnings in any different ways – not just with tests and quizzes, but through presentations, peer assessment and demonstrations.

Our student-focused approach to subjects, yet fosters a lifelong passion for knowledge through engaging instruction and experiential learning. We strive for a positive learning environment that meets the needs of the international standards in.

  • English, Kannada ,Math & Envirnomental science
  • Arts
  • Physical Education
  • Sports

Class Structure

Classes start at 8.30 am and end at either 12.45 pm (for Nursery & LKG)  , 3.30pm (UKG). Classes last 40 minutes each, and a 30-minute lunch break are included.